Websites – Design Your Own or Hire a Pro?

Business owners who are maximizing their potential by using digital marketing very frequently face the question above – Do I design my website on my own via a free or cheap site builder, or do I hire a professional?

Here is some advice from Freelance Web Designer Heather Wood:

  • Problem 1: Unfortunately, You Never Own Your Website

The majority of most free and/or inexpensive website builders is that they are designed to help you create your own website, except your hosting company continues to own it.

So technically, you are really just “renting” the “space” your website has been built on.  If the time comes when you want to export your website to another domain carrier, you are not allowed to transfer the site which you have created with your original domain carrier’s software.

  • Problem 2: One Size Does Not Fit All

The pre-formatted site builders we are talking about are considered “one size fits all.”  Yet, every business is different.  If, for example, you own a franchised restaurant you will want to present a different atmosphere and a different menu unique to who you are.  You don’t wish to appear like everyone else because you’re not like everyone else.  Your website should be a reflection of this, it needs to highlight what you want to say, and not what a generic template has available.

Cookie-cutter sites are generic.  They are designed in a way that will work for a restaurant, or real estate agent, a lawyer, or a writer.  They look generic.  Generic does not set forth the idea of professionalism.

  • Problem 3: Your Customer Service Rep Knows Nothing about Websites or SEO

An unfortunate thing to remember is that most customer service reps are really just phone agents working for the company.  They don’t know HTML, they don’t know CSS or PHP, and most importantly they don’t know SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!  The majority of these agents can tell you what SEO is and build up what they are saying with big words and faux-technical talk.  Yet, get into anything actually technical and they know very little.  Also, you know that when you call back, you will not get the same person; there is no consistency in customer or technical service.

An additional problem is, if they do offer SEO services, these results are often computer-generated at a monthly fee.  Their computer is most likely using very old SEO practices.  Most SEO is about content and how individuals speak, and then structure our website.  There is no right or wrong way to do it, it’s up to the discretion of your SEO and what will get clicks.

Sometimes, a new startup will spend its money on all kinds of things they need, but really cut corners when it comes to their website and advertising.  So, listen here, Freebie Freddy and Cheapo Charley, think about finding yourself a professional web designer – they can be found at a pretty reasonable rate. Professional web designers understand what works on a website, how to effectively tinker with your site’s SEO and they’ll be around for maintenance, questions and upgrades! Plus, most will know what works specifically for your type of business.

This is where I strongly urge you to treat your website just as you would your brick & mortar business. It is the first impression, your business’  virtual ‘bread-and-butter’the beginning of your sales funnel. Employ a professional web designer who will work with you to properly build your business online. If you need a good place to start, try the web designers at All Web, LLC.


Web Design Trend Guide: How to Use Minimalism to Get Maximum Results

It’s a classic statement in design, and a desired style in home interiors: Less is more. Minimalism entails using the least number of (or the simplest) elements but making a lasting, visually appealing impact. The versatility of this style extends to online marketing through minimalistic web design.

Quality Atlanta Web Design: A Key Factor in Attracting Teen Customers

Today’s teenagers use the Internet for various purposes in a way their parents or elder siblings only dreamt about at the onset of the computer era. For budding online entrepreneurs or businesses that target a young or adolescent audience, the time is ripe to improve their internet marketing strategies. Writing for Inspiration Feed, Eric Nacul said a website with various teen-centric elements helps bring in your ideal customers and keep them engaged with your business.

Even Atlanta’s own youth community is part of the growing online commerce market. A 2012 study by MasterCard revealed that teenagers around the world have a combined purchasing power worth $819 billion—with North America’s 37 million teens accounting for $117.8 billion. A National Public Radio article even identified two Atlanta malls that reported fewer numbers of teen customers out and about, due to the rising popularity of online stores.

Web Design in Atlanta: Eight Amazing Ideas You Can Use for Your Site

A good web design can easily keep your readers happy and excited to visit your page. Websites with unique, fresh, and new designs gain more repeat visitors. Here are some major trends in web design in Atlanta that you can expect this year. You may suggest to your web design provider to use it if you’ve yet to put up a website or planning to revamp the current one.

An Atlanta Web Design Company can Optimize a Dental Practice’s Website

In today’s heavily wired world, most devices can connect to the internet. Such ease of access has made it more important than ever for industries like dental practices to ramp up their online marketing efforts and tweak their website designs in order to make the most out of these developments. Thankfully, there are specialists such as those working with an Atlanta web design company All Web, LLC who can help with this aspect.

One of the key factors in website design is a responsive infrastructure, which makes a site easily accessible through devices as varied as personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. In the dental industry, for instance, majority of patients log on to the internet to find a practice that can help them with their specific needs. There is no way to know in advance what particular devices they are going to use to do this, which is why a dental practice’s website should be easily navigable across all possible platforms.

Atlanta Web Design Company Offers Restaurants Mobile-Friendly Campaign

Any Atlanta web design and SEO service provider should always be updated in the latest trends of internet marketing. This is why we at All Web, LLC are always looking for new ways to make our clients more successful in their respective markets. We realize that the latest shifts in internet usage can have positive effects on your business, and thus we have come up with marketing materials specifically designed for our restaurateur clients.

In the beginning of the year 2014, the industry was rocked when, for the first time in history; internet usage on mobile devices surpassed that of PC usage. Businesses then began to see the importance of optimizing websites for viewing on mobile devices. In line with this development, we now offer website design services that feature mobile-friendly campaigns for easier and more convenient access for prospective clients.

All Web, LLC: Mobile Responsive Web Design for Atlanta Business a Must

In addition, several studies show that customers now expect websites to be optimized for mobile browsing. A year ago, it was predicted that usage of mobile internet will overtake desktop, recognizing the growing importance of a mobile responsive website for stronger marketing. Today, about 61% of users think of brands in a more positive way if these companies’ websites offer a positive mobile search experience; non-responsive websites usually leave a negative impression.

A leading cause of this paradigm shift is that customers are naturally impatient. If they don’t get what they want in a matter of seconds, they tend to look for other options right away. Think of this scenario: an Atlanta-based customer browses a nearby restaurant’s online menu using his mobile, only to find poor quality images, illegible content, and pages that load quite slowly.