Audits by Trusted SEO Services Can Save Your Site from Negative SEO

As search engine sites such as Google change algorithms in order to provide a better service to users, a destructive trend has been sweeping across the Internet. This trend is in the form of negative SEO practices developed purely to damage the ranking and reputation of specific websites. Using the very algorithms developed to improve search results, some experts are developing tactics to reduce the exposure of any given company on the Internet. However, positive tactics used by trusted SEO companies are able to counter these attacks.

Backlink Development

Search engines take into consideration backlinks when ranking a site in search results. If backlinks are irrelevant to the content of the primary site, the site scores poorly. An example of this would be a link on a dog-care forum leading back to a company that sells house paint. One of the common forms of bad SEO practices is creating these irrelevant backlinks to a website.

One way to protect your website is by having an SEO consultant perform an audit to find these irrelevant links. Once the links have been discovered, the true optimization specialist can help you recover. In today’s online marketing, it’s more important than ever to have trustworthy SEO professionals helping you keep the site from being subjected to such practices.

Automated Assaults

Bots can be useful when scouring the Internet for content or specific material. However, many that perform negative SEO procedures will utilize them to crawl a single site repeatedly. By continuously accessing a site, these programs could reduce the load time for other visitors by consuming all of your bandwidth.

These bots can be found and eliminated, thanks to practices from professional SEO services. Using up-to-date tools and applications, these bots can be stopped from accessing your website, thus protecting your online reputation and search ranking. All of this and more can be discovered by having your site audited by trustworthy SEO professionals who have knowledge regarding these kinds of problems.

These are only a few methods that may be put into action in order to reduce the reputation of a target business on the Internet. Regular audits of your site can determine if you’re the victim of negative practices. Atlanta businesses can rely on top SEO services in the area like All Web, LLC, to help protect their sites and their companies from potentially harmful tactics.


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Digital Eye Candy: Elements of Great Web Design for Atlanta Businesses

When looking for Atlanta web design companies, you’ll probably find dozens of firms that offer different viewpoints of what makes up a great website. From responsive webpages to color combinations, sliders and more, you should know that each opinion caters to a different audience and target market. Regardless of what type of web design appeals to your target market, the following key elements should be factored in:

Dark Text Over a Light Background

This doesn’t mean you should necessarily shy away from Atlanta designers who use light text against a dark background, but the vast majority of your website should use dark text. Studies have shown that dark text and light backgrounds are much more popular than the other way around. The combination is easy on the eyes and visitors tend to stick around longer. Light text and dark backgrounds should be used ideally only for styling purposes, such as header or footer sections of your website.

The Less Clutter the Better

While it may be hard to believe, clutter is still a huge issue as many website design services like to add numerous features as possible on one page. Flashy graphics and large pictures are a thing of the past. A simple and sleek website design is now the norm, and search engines prefer simple sites because they load faster. The homepage should be especially clutter-free because you want browsers to focus on the key elements and products of your business.

Navigation and Layout

Navigation and layout are two essential factors that an experienced website designer knows how to optimize. The layout of your website should direct the reader on the most important aspects of your business. The navigation section should be located on the top or on the left side of the page. Most web designers prefer to have the navigation bar located at the top because it will look better on mobile devices.

Navigation is important because your customers must be able to get from one webpage to the next without exerting too much effort. Each webpage should have a visible link that points to the succeeding page and one that points to the previous page. Your navigation options should also be repeated in the footer section of your site.

First-rate website design services from established companies like All Web, LLC are essential to the success of every local business in Atlanta, Douglasville, and other areas. It will help convert more browsers into paying customers and help improve a business website’s search engine ranking.




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SEO Services in Atlanta: How to Recover from Google’s Mobile Update

In an article posted online by Fortune magazine, a forecast from a research firm was cited in proposing that mobile devices could be the target of around 72% of digital ad expenditure by 2019. Nevertheless, the article further added that this prediction could begin this year.

The research company eMarketer reportedly projects about 50% growth or reaching nearly $29 billion of mobile ad spending in the United States by the end of 2015. In-store visits have also increased as cited from intelligence firm NinthDecimal and software firm 4Info mainly due to successful mobile ad campaigns. As consumers spend more time on their devices, it seems that they are also more likely to carry out mobile transactions as well.

Recovery from Google’s Algorithm Update

The importance of the mobile-friendly web design had already been emphasized by Google earlier this year when it released an algorithm update, specifically for evaluating mobile adaptability. While companies with complete responsive websites delight in their new rankings, even more enterprises, particular small-scale ones, are suffering from the consequences of having no proper mobile strategy.

According to Search Engine Land, small businesses actually have an edge in making easy website repairs from the update rather than larger corporations. IT support of modest ventures generally manage websites of such companies better as they have fewer pages to evaluate and those pages have simpler, more flexible infrastructure for new programs. For your business in Atlanta, you may invest in SEO services that focus on developing web designs in the WordPress platform, the most popular content management system (CMS).

The update may have occurred a few months ago, but it’s also likely that you have yet to determine its real impact on your mobile traffic. To know the update’s impact on your site traffic, check the Google Analytics report around April 21, 2015, the date the algorithm was released. It’s also important to see the comparison between your mobile traffic and that from desktop. Knowing these figures will only give you an overview, though, since the update actually targets individual pages rather your entire website.

Go through each of your pages by running them through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool or the Google Search Console for looking at the pages throughout the website. Remember to determine the number of pages with errors and which pages have errors for developing immediate solutions.

For Atlanta-based businesses or organizations, you should consult with an established SEO expert from companies like All Web, LLC who can help you recover and increase your rankings in Google.


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Web Design in Atlanta: Responsiveness and Long Scrolling for Mobile

The popularity of mobile phones as the primary access of users to the Internet have created dramatic changes to consumer behavior online. Though Google doesn’t specifically mention any website setup as the best, the search engine giant does recommend the responsive web design for business websites in Atlanta or elsewhere.

There’s also the recent trend of long scrolling or infinite scrolling in a single page rather than navigating through several pages. Since mobile screens are generally smaller, web designers have to restrict the volume of information to fit into a compact screen size by either removing important details, scrolling, or forcing the content to shrink. Scrolling seems to be the most preferred and effective option among mobile users.

The Responsive Configuration

According to an article from, a mobile website has three options when it comes to configurations, but may only run in one of them. These are the responsive, separate URL, and dynamic server setup. Though the first one is the recommended design, not having your website developed in this way doesn’t indicate a complete loss to your business. There are actually enterprises, particularly small businesses, with functional websites in either of the other two configurations.

Note that dynamic serving refers to the setup with a single URL, but different HTML and CSS codes that servers respond to. Meanwhile, a website is said to have a separate URL configuration if its desktop version has a different URL than that of mobile.

The responsive structure means that the website has a single URL that easily adapts into any device with the same HTML and CSS codes. Google encourages its use because it is both convenient to its algorithms and to digital users.

Benefits of Long Scrolling

Before the advent of smart gadgets, websites follow or adhere to the print industry’s practice of “above the fold,” wherein important facts or details are positioned on the front page’s upper half to capture the reader’s attention. Developers ensure that from the first page or screen, more visitors are influenced to drop by and explore.

With the innovations of Javascript and CSS, and the growth of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, web designers have discovered that online visitors actually prefer scrolling down the site for more information. Previous studies even confirmed that around 66% of a user’s attention span on a printed page is focused “below the fold.” This has apparently become a necessity today as devices, not only mobile phones, have slowly reducing screen sizes.

To have your own website that scrolls down in one page, consult with an established marketing agency like All Web, LLC, which uses the WordPress format for their clients and offers other internet marketing services as well.


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Above the Fold Web Design Helps Your Website Shine

When designing a website for your Atlanta business, it is important to keep the aesthetic qualities and general layout of a traditional, print newspaper in mind. This is one of the easiest ways to break down the design process if you’re relatively new to these efforts.

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Why Local SEO Is Essential for Atlanta Businesses

Like many small local businesses, companies in sprawling cities like Atlanta have a greater need for local SEO than ever before. This is largely due to recent changes to search engine algorithms and the way in which search results pages are being created. Fortunately, you can get results-oriented, local SEO for your growing business by working with the right SEO firm. Continue reading “Why Local SEO Is Essential for Atlanta Businesses”

How Video Marketing Can Bring in Business for Your Vet Practice

In the first three blogs of this series, we covered the importance of digital marketing today, including social media marketing, and the organized steps that need to be taken to utilize digital marketing to make the most of today’s independent veterinary practices.

Video marketing is actually rather simple: the usage of video to promote or market your brand, product, or service. A strong marketing campaign incorporates video into the mix.  Customer testimonialsvideos from live events, how-to-videos, explainer videos, corporate training videos, and viral (entertainment) videos, are all great examples of video marketing.

Forbes magazine has called 2015 “The Year of Video Marketing.”  This comes as businesses find new, inventive ways to use the medium to reach customers.  Standing out on social media, videos give customers a quick overview of a product or company without overwhelming them with text.  A customer can, in less than 30 seconds, get the information they need about a business through a short, visually stimulating video.

Social media has really revolutionized the way online users communicate with each other.  Short, concise statements are now more popular than longer forms of content.  There are micro-video applications available that can shorten videos to less than 10 seconds, making them an ideal choice for sharing on sites like Twitter and Instagram.

In this format, your customers can quickly view a message while they scroll through social media feeds.  Your messages and brands can easily be seen by larger audiences.  This is especially convincing on sites, for example, like Vine and Facebook, where videos automatically queue up and play as a user scrolls through.

You might want to take a few minutes and scroll through a newsfeed or two (Facebook being a good one to try.)  You will see plenty of examples of super-short formatted videos.  While they may not contain a ton of content, their messages are still easy to recognize and often very memorable.

Showcasing short-formatted micro videos on your website or landing page is an excellent way to further reach those who visit your site.  While a straightforward message might seem to be appreciated by viewers, try to make your micro-video memorable.  Maybe put some humor into it, or a mind-grabbing graphic or image, or a bit of music with a terrific hook.  (Be careful of copyright laws and infringements when using music for your video.)  There are endless music bits and samples that you can download from the Internet for a very low fee; this relieves any worry that you might be fined, or worse yet, have your site put off-line, sometime in the future because of illegal music usage.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to writing and producing a digital marketing video.  Go ahead and use your imagination, let your creative juices flow!  Think about the type of video that would catch your attention.  For example, if you are going to use a few customer testimonials at how awesome your vet practice’s groomer is, why not briefly edit in an “outtake” or two to show a more human side to your testimonials.  It’s a fact, people enjoy “bloopers”.  One or two select humorous shots of that poodle jumping out of the groomer’s sink with shampoo bubbles all over it will resonate with your viewing audience.  Especially when bloopers and outtakes involve animals.

Since there is so much to convey regarding digital video marketing, we have linked this blog to many helpful articles that will cover all of your questions regarding this subject.

So don’t be catty, or too doggone stubborn to let in a little humor in order to help your brand stick in the beaks of your customers!  Your horseplay sprinkled throughout your message may be just the thing that rings true with your viewers!