Digital Eye Candy: Elements of Great Web Design for Atlanta Businesses

When looking for Atlanta web design companies, you’ll probably find dozens of firms that offer different viewpoints of what makes up a great website. From responsive webpages to color combinations, sliders and more, you should know that each opinion caters to a different audience and target market. Regardless of what type of web design appeals to your target market, the following key elements should be factored in:

Dark Text Over a Light Background

This doesn’t mean you should necessarily shy away from Atlanta designers who use light text against a dark background, but the vast majority of your website should use dark text. Studies have shown that dark text and light backgrounds are much more popular than the other way around. The combination is easy on the eyes and visitors tend to stick around longer. Light text and dark backgrounds should be used ideally only for styling purposes, such as header or footer sections of your website.

The Less Clutter the Better

While it may be hard to believe, clutter is still a huge issue as many website design services like to add numerous features as possible on one page. Flashy graphics and large pictures are a thing of the past. A simple and sleek website design is now the norm, and search engines prefer simple sites because they load faster. The homepage should be especially clutter-free because you want browsers to focus on the key elements and products of your business.

Navigation and Layout

Navigation and layout are two essential factors that an experienced website designer knows how to optimize. The layout of your website should direct the reader on the most important aspects of your business. The navigation section should be located on the top or on the left side of the page. Most web designers prefer to have the navigation bar located at the top because it will look better on mobile devices.

Navigation is important because your customers must be able to get from one webpage to the next without exerting too much effort. Each webpage should have a visible link that points to the succeeding page and one that points to the previous page. Your navigation options should also be repeated in the footer section of your site.

First-rate website design services from established companies like All Web, LLC are essential to the success of every local business in Atlanta, Douglasville, and other areas. It will help convert more browsers into paying customers and help improve a business website’s search engine ranking.




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