Web Design in Atlanta: Responsiveness and Long Scrolling for Mobile

The popularity of mobile phones as the primary access of users to the Internet have created dramatic changes to consumer behavior online. Though Google doesn’t specifically mention any website setup as the best, the search engine giant does recommend the responsive web design for business websites in Atlanta or elsewhere.

There’s also the recent trend of long scrolling or infinite scrolling in a single page rather than navigating through several pages. Since mobile screens are generally smaller, web designers have to restrict the volume of information to fit into a compact screen size by either removing important details, scrolling, or forcing the content to shrink. Scrolling seems to be the most preferred and effective option among mobile users.

The Responsive Configuration

According to an article from SearchEngineLand.com, a mobile website has three options when it comes to configurations, but may only run in one of them. These are the responsive, separate URL, and dynamic server setup. Though the first one is the recommended design, not having your website developed in this way doesn’t indicate a complete loss to your business. There are actually enterprises, particularly small businesses, with functional websites in either of the other two configurations.

Note that dynamic serving refers to the setup with a single URL, but different HTML and CSS codes that servers respond to. Meanwhile, a website is said to have a separate URL configuration if its desktop version has a different URL than that of mobile.

The responsive structure means that the website has a single URL that easily adapts into any device with the same HTML and CSS codes. Google encourages its use because it is both convenient to its algorithms and to digital users.

Benefits of Long Scrolling

Before the advent of smart gadgets, websites follow or adhere to the print industry’s practice of “above the fold,” wherein important facts or details are positioned on the front page’s upper half to capture the reader’s attention. Developers ensure that from the first page or screen, more visitors are influenced to drop by and explore.

With the innovations of Javascript and CSS, and the growth of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, web designers have discovered that online visitors actually prefer scrolling down the site for more information. Previous studies even confirmed that around 66% of a user’s attention span on a printed page is focused “below the fold.” This has apparently become a necessity today as devices, not only mobile phones, have slowly reducing screen sizes.

To have your own website that scrolls down in one page, consult with an established marketing agency like All Web, LLC, which uses the WordPress format for their clients and offers other internet marketing services as well.


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