Above the Fold Web Design Helps Your Website Shine

When designing a website for your Atlanta business, it is important to keep the aesthetic qualities and general layout of a traditional, print newspaper in mind. This is one of the easiest ways to break down the design process if you’re relatively new to these efforts.

One of the key features of newspaper design is the presence of important, attention-grabbing information above the fold. The most vital elements of a newspaper page are always placed above the physical fold in the sheet for optimal visibility. In web design, pay attention to details that make the very first impression on site visitors. As you work on your page layout, consider the fold as being the end of visible text or other page elements in the viewable portion of the screen.

What to Include Above the Proverbial Fold

Some of the most important elements to include above the fold include your company name, logo, and slogan, as well as any other branding element. The top portion of web pages can also include special offers that incite interest or that generate a sense of buyer urgency.

If consumers have to scroll down to view these things, many people will miss them. Visuals and menu bars can be used to provide a concise yet informative summary of the services and products you supply. When these details are readily visible on the topmost portion of the page, you will retain more of the traffic that you get and will have a far higher conversion rate.


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