Usability is Key to a Well-Designed Webpage

For many, a good webpage is one that’s visually appealing, and that alone should be the factor to gauge a website’s quality. However, research has shown that users value a website’s usability more than how it looks. Needless to say, the degree of usability is what will determine whether your website passes or fails its purpose.

Web designers must remember that it’s the person sitting behind the computer clicking the mouse who decides whether the webpage he’s visiting is quality or not. For this reason, webpages must be designed with a user-centric focus. If a person visiting a webpage cannot use or find a feature on the page, then you could be unintentionally driving your audience away from your site, and in turn, from potential sales.

Usability includes decisions like determining where the search box should be placed on the page, what type of tabs should be used, what font colors and sizes should be used, as well as determining where images should be put on the page. As you can see, all these are design elements as well, so by emphasizing usability, you also help your website’s design.

Designing a webpage that’s user-centered and functional doesn’t mean that the webpage can’t be visually appealing. A good web designer finds a way to make a site that users can use easily while at the same time making it attractive to look at.


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