Using Social Media to Promote Brand Awareness of Your Veterinarian Practice

vet tech holding pugLast week’s blog outlined the importance of digital marketing and the steps that need to be taken to help today’s independent veterinarians stay competitive in their field.  We discussed how a website and/or landing page can be a huge way to start your digital marketing campaign.  We now continue with how to use blogging and a social media presence to further promote your practice.

Blogging is a very important component to social media

When someone does an Internet search for a specific term, this term will often pop up when it is included in a popular blog.  Starting a blog on your landing page or website is really quite easy.  Just write short articles or thoughts (a good length for a blog is about 500 words), make sure to frequently use popular veterinary subjects, terms, or references.  Find yourself a blogging app (there are many free ones online) that will allow feedback and comments from visitors.  This makes your visitors feel as though they are a part of the discussion.  Blogging will, for sure, help to get your name out there.

And here’s the most important step in your blogging endeavor – connect it to a social media platform. For example, maybe offer a daily pet-health tip, or advertise upcoming specials on services and products, and automatically connect it to the social media platform your clients frequent the most. This is the easiest way to promote social interaction with your content; thereby, upping your practice’s level of brand recognition.

Choose the Social Platform Your Clients Frequent

This is becoming more important and a more popular part of digital marketing. Choosing which social media platforms are best suited for your practice might take a little research, but a good place to start is with “The Big Five” – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Setting up a Twitter account is very easy, but it might be a little challenging to get followers right away.  This is why it is good idea on your visitor information submission form, you include a field for people to list their Twitter handles, so you can then add them to your list of followers.

Facebook has made it very simple for businesses to have a business-style Facebook page.  Your presence on there will really help with search engine optimization (SEO) as well.  This platform offers adequate support to get you up and running with your page.  Also, there is an easily updateable newsfeed provided on your page.  Having a Facebook share button on the bottom of your blog or like us button are easy ways to make your blog shareable and a quick way to gain fans. And so on with Google Plus, LinkedIn, and any other social media site you choose to promote your practice from.

Consistency is really the key when maintaining your presence on social networking sites.  You must consistently update posts and blogs, you must consistently work to build your own email database, and you must consistently do things to “get your name out there.”  Being diligent in these steps will guarantee you successful results.

Coming up next time: what is video marketing, and how it can bring more business to you!

Does even the thought of this type of marketing effort seem overwhelming for a busy professional like you?  Well you don’t have to worry, Atlanta SEO Experts / Atlanta Web Design Specialists are here to support you in your online marketing needs.  Give us a call at (404) 496-6497, or fill out the form below, and we will gladly get you barking up the right tree (or ensure you are the cat’s meow!) 


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