The No. 1 Tool to JumpStart Your Veterinarian Marketing

Veterinarian Marketing for the Independent VetVeterinarian Marketing for the Independent Practice
As an independent veterinarian, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with larger veterinary service companies, such as Banfield, or the NVA (National Veterinary Association), as well as staying competitive with other independent veterinarians.  It seems as if those nationwide companies and seasoned veterinarians have teams of marketing specialists and web masters whose sole job is to focus on the marketing of the corporation.

But you chose your own path.  You decided to stay independent, community-based, and only have to answer to yourself.  You chose to provide veterinary care that you feel is a level above the rest.  Kudos to you for that strategic move – now, you should start making moves towards getting your online presence up and dynamic as the others in your industry have done. It’s time you step up your online veterinarian marketing efforts too.

Website or Landing Page?

A presence on the Internet is extremely important to any business – big or small. For most veterinarians who take on marketing for themselves, how and where to start are usually the two most daunting questions. Trying to emulate the actions of the industry influencers often fails when research and analysis has taken place because, quite frankly, why compare your beginning another’s middle? Veterinarian marketing gets easier when your website is the first step – the number one tool – in your online marketing efforts.  Do you already have an established website for your company?  Or do you feel you don’t have enough content (words) to fill up a whole website (which is a minimum of five pages)?  If so, then a landing page, sometimes called a “squeeze page”, is a good way for you to go. A landing page is a single, one-page website that is most commonly linked to from social media networks.  Although there are some who’d say, ‘just get on social media’, many fail to realize that controlling their brand’s message and customer experience begins with controlling the platform.

Control & Promote Your Own Veterinarian Marketing

The website/landing page becomes a great way to promote your adoption days, mobile clinic route or your spay/neuter campaign, as the general goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into new clients and brand ambassadors. This landing page is a great way to close the gap on two goals – promoting your practice as an industry leader by providing a freebie (usually a whitepaper, ebook or simple checklist) AND building a database of email addresses. This compiled list is a great way of distributing promotional material, sales information, and another announcements as your practice grows. You can also create a blog on your landing page or website.  Blogging is a successful way to get your name out there!  You can allow site visitors to post comments and responses (like a virtual conversation), which allows interaction between the community and your site, and makes people feel like they are a part of your veterinary circle.

For the next few blogs centering around veterinarian marketing, we will cover such topics as social media presence, video marketing, and how giving away content can set you up as an industry leader.

Does even the thought of this type of veterinarian marketing seem overwhelming for a busy professional like you?  Well, you don’t have to worry, Atlanta SEO Experts & Web Design Specialists are here to support you in your online veterinarian marketing needs.  Give us a call at (404) 496-6497, or fill out the form below, and we will gladly get you barking up the right tree (or ensure you are the cat’s meow!)

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