SEO Aids in Brand Development

When people think of SEO, the things that mostly come to mind are traffic, conversion, and revenue; however, SEO goes beyond those elements. One of the most important things it can do for a business is brand development.

First of all, searchers recall brands that appear on search engine result pages (SERPs). According to a study by Microsoft, searchers are able to recall the brands they viewed this way. Furthermore, the study also shows a correlation between higher search listing rankings of brands that have a higher recall rate and listings clicked that have a higher chance to be recalled than those not clicked.

Multiple studies also show great lift for brands that appear on search results. This presence provides better brand awareness and even increased purchase consideration. Users’ intent to buy is higher for brands they find on search results than brands that did not appear in SERPs.

So, in this digital age, one of the best avenues for brand development is SEO. Of course, you should not be content at merely ranking high. To really build your brand, searchers must see your site as an authority in whichever niche you chose. This can be done by providing answers and creating a clear identity. In addition, scalable link building also helps a lot.


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