Some Reasons to Use Responsive Web Design

Mobile usage has definitely increased over the past few years, with more people accessing the Internet through their smartphones. With 2015 seen as the year when mobile internet usage will match that of desktop, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a website accessible and compatible to any device. Incorporating a responsive web design into your website can benefit your business in several ways.

It contributes to your SEO

In the past, Google had implied that they prefer websites with responsive web design, since having a single URL makes it easier for their search engine robots to index your website. Moreover, it can greatly reduce costs, since you’ll only need to maintain and manage a single URL rather than a separate mobile website, thus reducing the practice of content plagiarism, which can greatly affect your SEO campaign.

It gives better user experience

One of the most noticeable advantages of having a responsive web design is a reduced bounce rate due to the fact that it’s less likely for a user to return to a search results page when the website adapts to a smaller screen. A responsive website makes the visitor browse easily around your website and stay on the webpage.

It increases sales

All over the world, there are 5.1 billion smart phone users who are likely to use the Internet through their handheld devices. Imagine how wide your website could reach with a responsive website, and the possibility of more people acquiring your products and services.


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