Top Mistakes that Could Penalize your Site

SEO is all about getting on a search engine’s good side; which is, in most cases, Google’s good side. Some sites unknowingly do more harm to themselves that they effectively land on the bad side of the search engines? Here are a few of those bad moves.

Link-buying – If you encounter SEO firms that promise you hundreds of links and a first page ranking for a fee, ignore them immediately. This is because almost all the links they offer you are from spam-infested, disreputable websites and social networking accounts that’ll cause Google to bang the penalty hammer on your poor head. While it may work for a time, it surely won’t in the future as Google is constantly updating itself. Bottom line is, don’t buy links. Ever.

Keyword stuffing – Keyword stuffing is a mortal sin in SEO world. Period. Keywords are meant to help search engines better classify your content and separate them from the others. Blatantly stuffing keywords into every piece of content can lead to utter disaster. If you make this mistake, Google will likely flag your site as spam.

Outdated content – Merely putting up a website does not necessarily get you ranking anywhere close to the top of the search queries, considering the massive competition you’re facing in your industry. Without any effort to maintain your page, there will be no force that will get you noticed by the search engines. Simply put, no one in their right mind would like to browse a webpage with content that dates back to “ancient” times in internet terms. And if users don’t like it, Google won’t, either.

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