The Colors of Website Design

When creating a new website for your business or organization, you might be confused as to which colors it needs to sport. Although a no-brainer solution is to use the official colors of the company/organization, what if you have to choose your colors from scratch? Atlanta web design specialists can help with the issue by identifying which colors can make a working palette for the site. While some colors do stand out, you should also determine if your market leans towards these:

Red Passion

Red is often associated with blood, violence, and fervor. In the context of web design, it can be used to signify a place that’s youthful and open to new ideas and input. Make sure that your content, particularly the text, will still stand out, as some bright shades can overpower them.

Green Initiative

Green is always associated with the environment; a popular recycling campaign’s site, for instance, will almost always have this color. Lighter hues are used for sites that promote growth, whether for environmental or financial purposes.

Blue Wave

Color psychology often tags blue with security and trust. Emphasis on tradition may be key to choosing it, such as in a major centuries-old university that predominantly uses royal blue as its official colors.

Hot Pink!

Nowadays, pink is associated with breast cancer advocacy – but websites with a dash of pink can also serve a variety of other purposes. For one thing, the color exudes a uniquely feminine charm.


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